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The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair – 2021


When you are gaming, you are sitting in the same chair for long periods of time. You want to make sure the chair you have is as comfortable as possible so you enjoy your gaming experience. I mean, who is going to enjoy playing video games if they can’t get comfortable?

If you are looking for a new gaming chair for 2021, you are probably wondering which chair is the most comfortable and why. Lucky for you, we found the top three most comfortable gaming chairs and we are going to break them down for you right here.

Dowinx Gaming Chair


Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair with Massage Lumbar Support, Vantage Style PU Leather High Back Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Footrest (Light Grey)

The first chair we are going to talk about is made by Dowinx. This chair features an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable for hours on end. It even has a USB powered massager that can operate simply by plugging it in to your computer or another source of power. If you sit and game for long periods of time, the massage feature will be extra beneficial.

This gaming chair is also multi-function. You will be pleased with the 360-degree swivel and super smooth wheels for easy mobility. It is also able to recline 90 to 180 degrees to give you the most comfortable position possible. Even better, there is a retractable footrest that extends 20 degrees.

The seat height is adjustable, allowing you to take full advantage of the comfy head and lumbar pillows no matter how tall you are. The winged design of the back allows for multi-point body contact for less pressure on your spine and lumbar region. The seat is a bucket seat filled with plenty of soft filling for comfort.

The faux leather material this chair is made with comes in four colors. You can choose from brown, black, grey, and wine red. The options make it easy to match your chair to your room and get a color that suits your style.

***Customer Ratings by Feature***

Durability: 4.7

Ease of Assembly: 4.3

For Gaming: 4.2

Support: 4.1


VIT Gaming Recliner


VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style Single PU Leather Sofa Modern Living Room Recliners Ergonomic Comfortable Home Theater Seating, Blue

The second chair we are going to discuss is made by VITESSE. This multi-function recliner is made with high-density sponge that makes it super comfortable to sit in. Covering the sponge is a high-quality and waterproof PU leather. It is comfortable on the skin and really easy to clean if you spill something on it.

The main color of the chair is black, but you can choose from 6 different accent colors. The available colors are blue, grey, purple, red, teal, and white. This is a great way to add some subtle color to your space.

The back and footrest are both able to be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees, allowing you to find the most comfortable position possible for your gaming. You will also be pleased with the included headrest and back support provided by this chair.

In addition to the neat reclining features, this chair also has convenient storage bags on the side. This allows you to store everything you could need in one convenient spot that is easily accessible. This chair doesn’t only make the perfect gaming chair, it can also be used as theater seating or as a living room recliner.

This chair does have feet, but there is no need to worry about them scratching your floors. Each foot has a cover that is meant to protect your floors from any damage.

***Customer Rating by Feature***

Value for Money: 5.0

Ease of Assembly: 4.8

Comfort: 4.6

For Gaming: 4.3


VINGLI 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Recliner


VINGLI 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair Set of 2, Floor Gamer Chair for Adults&Teens, Floor Gaming Chair with Adjustable Backrest/Free Lumbar Pillow for Gamers at Home, Three Reclining Positions, Black

The third and final chair we are going to talk about is by VINGLI. This chair is unique because it sits directly on the floor. It doesn’t feature any wheels, just a sturdy metal base that allows a 360-degree swivel. It has multiple reclining positions ranging from flat to 135 degrees.

The upholstery is thick and padded with high-density sponge. The fabric that covers the sponge is breathable and comes in different colors. There is also a lumbar pillow included to help take some pressure off your spine.

The chair is offered in three colors. You are able to choose from black, brown, and grey. You also have the option of buying one chair by itself or purchasing a set of two. This would be great if you have friends come over to game with you on a regular basis.

The best part about this chair is the fact that the backrest is foldable for easy storage. When you are done playing your video games, simply fold the chair up and put it away. This is a great space saving feature for small areas or living rooms.

***Customer Rating by Feature***

For Gaming: 5.0

Comfort: 4.8

Support: 4.5

Thickness: 4.3



Picking the best chair for gaming is extremely important. You are going to be sitting in that chair a lot, so you want to make sure it is going to be the most comfortable it can be. Any of the three chairs we discussed will provide you extreme comfort, but when it comes to gaming one is better than the others.

In our opinion, the most comfortable gaming chair of 2021 is a tie between the Dowinx Gaming & Office Chair and the VINGLI 360 degree Swivel Recliner. This is because the Dowinx Gaming Chair offers massage and a footrest The VINGLI recliner on the other hand reclines, swivels, and features extra padding. With the included lumbar pillow, you will be able to take extra pressure off of your spine and play comfortably for hours on end. The lack of arm rests makes it easier for you to move your arms freely as needed to play the best game you can! The VINGLI chair is also the most stylish in this list, so it won’t look out of place in your gaming area.

It all comes down to what you are looking for in a comfortable chair. If you are a PC game player who plays at a desk, go for the Dowinx. If you are a console player who plays in a living area and would enjoy letting your arms move freely while you recline, go for the VINGLI.

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