GBC Binding Punch, MP2000C4, Modular Series 4:1 Fixed Die Coil (7706000)

The MP2000C4 eases all of your spiral-bound book binding requirements. The machine makes all punching seem effortless. Highly reliable, the MP2000C4 primarily hole-punches and binds papers and the binding cover, four holes to the inch.

Operations on the MP2000C4 can either be electrically operated or controlled through a foot-pedal mechanism. The ergonomic design of the binding machine allows easy productivity through the vertical throat opening by reducing mis-punching possibilities.

You also have the option of the auto-reverse feature that allows a reduction in downtime caused by over-punching in one go. The adjustable punching length and depth enable you to punch books as small as four inches.

Similarly, if you need to punch larger sized sheets and binding covers, you can do the same in two passes. This convenience is possible due to an exact adjustable paper alignment guide to dictate the measurements.

Furthermore, easy front access to the waste tray allows easier maintenance, thereby reducing paper clutter in the work area. Price: $1,494.50 (as of 01/27/2021 13:48 PST- Details)

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Punching presentations is a snap with the MP2000C4. Ideal for offices the MP2000C4 has disengageable pins and a vertical open throat making it easy to line up and punch in one step, even with special paper sizes.

4:1 pitch, .2475 spacing (4 round holes per 1″ or 44 holes per 11″ punching edge; punches up to 14 sheets per lift; electric push-button or foot-pedal operation
Ergonomic vertical punch throat speeds up productivity and prevents mispunches; auto-reverse prevents downtime due to punching too much paper
Punches books as small as 4″; punches books as large as 11.7″(A4) in one pass; longer documents may be punched in two passes; adjustable paper alignment guide


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