10 Pack Correction Tape, Mini Correction Tape Roller Bulk Pack, 0.2″ x 315″ each, Correction Eraser Tape, Non-Refillable, Easy To Use Applicator for Office School Supplies

Are you having a tough time correcting writing and typing mistakes? Well, gone are the days when whiteners and correction fluids were the only option.

Correction tape is the perfect alternative to correct errors in forms, applications, handwriting, typing, and such other aspects where a professional appearance is important. The correction tape applicator places a white tape with an adhesive on the area of the error to cover.

Almost seemingly an opaque mask material, the tape is unable to be detected unless closely  inspected. You don’t have to wait for the tape to dry like with liquids, so you can immediately apply the tape and start writing over it.

A correction tape is an ideal tool and a perfect accessory for students, professionals, and homemakers. It comes in a lightweight, easy to hold applicator and can be used without any prior experience.

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This mini correction tape bulk pack of 10 can be used to change misspelled words and correct many small mistakes in life. The break-proof tape can be corrected immediately, without drying time and without waiting. The dual gear technology and self-tightening mechanism prevent loose or continuous pulling of the tape and the tape does not get stuck. It is ergonomically designed for easy calibration throughout the work process and is transparent and easy to view.

When using tape, simply place the tip of the tape flat on the paper, keep 45-degree angle and press gently, and then gently move over the paper.

1.When sliding the correction tape might creates bubbles, you can gently press them down with your fingers and then pull them them down to make them flat for writing.
2.If your tape is loose, keep it at a 45-degree angle (this is the KEY) and then gently roll along the page in a straight line. It will correct itself!
3. If the edges of the tape on the paper didn’t stick when you swiped, you can just push it down with your finger and they stick down

-TIP:The correction tape cannot be removed and cannot be refilled.

-Correction Tape Type: White tape can no longer be filled

-Tape Specification:5mm*8m

-Package Includes:10 Correction Tapes

A GREAT HELPER – This correction tape can correct the writing immediately without waiting for drying. The Vandal-resistant tape is ideal for modifying wrong words and correcting small mistakes in life. The perfect accessory for school, office or home.
PRODUCT ADVANTAGE – The correction tape provides fast, complete and accurate positioning and correcting errors. The dry, clean tape can be written on immediately and doesn’t leave shadows on copies or faxes. It’s widely applied to files, envelopes and school work. The premium-quality tape also suits for kinds of pens, such as gel pen, rollerball pen, marker Ink pen.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED – Easy to hold and use, the correction tape can be used with the left or right hand, ergonomically designed and lightly portable, it fits easily in any pencil case.
APPEARANCE STRUCTURE – The compact translucent case can display the remaining amount of tape, which can avoid unnecessary trouble when the tape is urgently needed.
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