The Top 7 White Board Products for Your Home Office

You’ve got big ideas and you need space to write them all down. This is where white boards are indispensable. White boards provide a way for you to map out your plans so you can see them through.

Whether for office work or for managing a home, white boards help you visualize your strategies and next steps, and to keep all the details you need where they won’t be forgotten.

Take a look at these 7 white board products for the home office. We’re sure you’ll love them!


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White Board Tables


White board tables are a unique addition to your home office. This is because they perform as both a white board and a desk you can work from, which saves you space. Here are a couple of options:

 Learniture Structure Series Crescent Mobile Collaborative Table w/Whiteboard Top

The Learniture Structure Series Crescent Mobile Collaborative White Board Table is a versatile and attractive addition to any home office setting. You can pen down your ideas onto its dry erase surface during brainstorming sessions, or use it to write immediate notes when those moments of inspiration strike.

This white board table is made from sturdy steel, which you can use for daily office activities. Professionals can keep heavy books and computer equipment on the table without fear about damaging them.

The table features a thermo-fused laminate as a band edge material surrounding particleboard topped with a high-pressure laminate dry erase white board. The weight capacity of the table is 200 lbs.

You can use this white board table to create a more collaborative environment in small office spaces, too. A conference room filled with bright minds and dry erase markers in hand encourages creative solutions. You can share your ideas with each other without having to rely on one person to capture everyone’s ideas.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54″ Whiteboard Top Commercial-Grade Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Did you know there are white board standing desks available? There are! The Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 Electric Adjustable White Board Standing Desk is the perfect addition to your home office. You can use it as a dry erase laptop desk. It has an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for working comfortably. Assembling the table is not much of a hassle and will require very little time on your part.

The dry erase desk is commercial-grade, which means it is exceptionally sturdy and is perfect for heavy duty use, both at corporate’s main office and at home. It has an amazing weight capacity for its size, of 264 lbs. You can keep even the heaviest books and stationery on it without worrying about breakage.

The weight of the table itself is 120 lbs, which may be a concern if you’re looking for something more portable.

With the height-adjustable feature, users do not have to remain in a sedentary position. Sitting in one place for a long time affects the health of people. The adjustable height of the table solves this issue. Users have four different height settings to choose their most preferred height.

The lowest height setting is 25.6 inches, with the highest being 51.4 inches. While adjusting height, the motor remains quiet. This quiet operation is perfect for office settings.

The Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 Electric Adjustable White Board Standing Desk has a large workspace of 54 inches x 28 inches and is spill-proof.

White Board Wallpaper


Got enough ideas to fill up a room? Make sure you have enough space to jot them all down! Make the most of your home office space with white board wallpaper. White board wallpaper is a fantastic option for saving you space, since you can put it anywhere you want – on the wall next to your desk, in your kitchen – the choice is yours. Check out the peel and stick white board wallpaper we’ve found for you below.

Whiteboard Wallpaper, Dry Erase Roll, White Board Roll, Peel and Stick White Board for Wall/Table/Door/Fridge

The Whiteboard Wallpaper from Afmat comes in a roll and can be stuck to any smooth and clean surface. This is a dry-erase wallpaper that you can use instead of your standard whiteboard.

It has a very strong adhesive and will not peel off on its own. Due to the strong adhesive, it’s better to stick the wallpaper on surfaces with no chance of damage.

The white board wallpaper prevents ghosting from dry erase marks even after months of use.

The best thing about this wallpaper is that it is very large. With dimensions of 1.5 ft x 10.6 ft, this will be the perfect wallpaper to use in homes, offices, and classrooms. You can also cut the wallpaper into any shape and make a custom white board for your home office!

The wallpaper is made from thick PET material, which prevents the paper from falling off of the wall even after using it for a long time. When you need to change the wallpaper, you can do so easily since it’s removable. Maintain a very slow pace when removing it for the best results.

Along with the whiteboard wallpaper roll, you also get three dry erase markers in the package. These markers can write up to a distance of 1500 meters.


Magnetic White Board Room Divider & Partition


A white board room divider can be used as a white board as well as a room divider, which is great for separating your home office life from your daily home life. One option is the Viz-Pro Mobile Dry-Erase Room Divider:

VIZ-PRO Mobile Room Divider/Office Partition, Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard


The VIZ-PRO Mobile Room Divider/Office Partition is a very versatile item. Both sides of the white board are magnetic.

This board is perfect for collaborating on new ideas and coming up with official plans. Since it has a large double-sided working space, more than one person can work on the board simultaneously. This white board is mobile too, so you can easily move it when you need to.

The overall dimension of the product is 49 inches in width and 76.9 inches in height. The board dimensions are 48 inches in width and 72 inches in height. Due to the presence of the double-side magnetic surface, you can also use the whiteboard as a bulletin board. It proves to be a very easy-to-use product for both group and independent activities.

When using dry erase markers, you won’t find any stains on the board, even after using it for a long time. You can clean the white board without any hassle. This increases the longevity of the board and makes it a worth addition to your home office.


White Board Dry-Erase Paint


Did you ever wish you had an entire wall or two to map out all of your ingenious ideas? We know we have ;0). If you don’t need something portable or mobile, then white board dry erase paint may be just the choice for you. Paint it to your heart’s content over your designated area.

Rust-Oleum 241140 Specialty Dry Erase Brush-On Paint Kit, White


Rust-Oleum Specialty Dry Erase Brush-On Paint Kit can help transform interior surfaces into a white board! You can use the product on wood, metal, cement, drywall, and masonry.

The product is great for those households where there is no space to put up a white board. So if you’re working from a home office with little space, this product is perfect for maximizing it! You can also use this product if your kids are in the habit of drawing on walls, to give them room to be creative, too.

Give yourself the freedom to express your creativity and project ideas with this dry-erase brush-on paint. All you need to do is brush the paint on the surface that is most convenient for you. You need not worry about your walls getting damaged. And no matter what you write on the dry erase wall, it is easily erased just as with any white board. Remove marker ink with just a simple dry-erase cloth.

Ensure that you use the paint within 1 hour of blending it, according to the instructions. You can mark a border with blue painter’s tape around the designated area. Coat the area with two to three layers of paint.


Transparent White Board


A transparent white board has all the class and sophistication you could ever need in a white board. Its clear dry erase surface will look remarkable in any room. You can even add more pizazz to instructional videos or presentations using a transparent white board.

Audio-Visual Direct Clear Glass Dry-Erase Board Set

Go wild with your ideas with this Clear Glass Dry-Erase Board Set from Audi-Visual Direct. If you have often experienced staining and ghosting with previous whiteboards, then this is the perfect product for you. This board resists staining and ghosting even after long use.

The board has a transparent glass surface that makes writing very easy and enjoyable. This board is suitable for using dry markers without any hassle. You won’t have to put in any effort in cleaning the board – just one swipe with a cloth, and you can start using the board again.

Installing the board is hassle-free and can even be done without any help. The package includes solid metal mounts, quality wall anchors, a full-size template, and an aluminum marker tray. Some basic tools to assemble and install the whole unit will be required.

The company provides a lifetime warranty on the board. This ensures that you can reach out to customer support during your use if you face any problems. It is a very durable and sturdy board that is built to last.


Thought Bubble White Board


Our last recommendation is a white board in the shape of a thought bubble. It’s small enough to be portable, and you can even attach it to your refrigerator. This is great for those crucial details and appointments. It’s hard to forget them when you place a unique thought bubble white board in direct sight.

Thought Bubble Dry Erase Board with Magnetic Back for Refrigerator

Add a little whimsy to your home office with this Thought Bubble Dry Erase Board. The board’s unique design shaped like a thought bubble will be loved by adults and kids alike. The dimensions of this board are 11 inches x 0.5 inches x 8 inches and can be placed on a magnetic surface, including the refrigerator. It’s great for planning work or daily home activities.

This board will help you organize the necessary aspects of your life and serve as a constant reminder. Easily keep track of important dates, recipes, etc. You can even use it as a photo board and write captions underneath them.

The board is resistant to staining even after long term use. This makes the Thought Bubble Dry-Erase Board an ideal choice for homes where all family members can find a use for it.